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Kids Eat in Color® Affordable Flavors: Diverse Family Meals for Under $500 a Month is available for bulk purchases and licensing.

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Here are the different options we provide to organizations:


Subsidize the meal plan for your clients*

Great for: Organizations that want to increase the chances that their clients will use the meal plan and benefit from it.*

Cost: Organizations get bulk pricing based on volume and only pay for the discount they want their clients to receive.

Example: Organization receives bulk rate of $4 based on the volume requested. Organization wants families to pay $1 for the meal plan. In the end, the organization spends $3 per meal plan and their clients purchase it for $1.

Benefit: No dollars are wasted by organizations because only families that want the meal plan get the meal plan. Families are more likely to use it because of personal buy-in.


Provide the meal plan to clients without cost

Great for: Organizations that want to print the material and provide hard copies to their clients; organizations with clients that do not have credit cards, debit cards or PayPal.

Cost: Organizations pay licensing fees based on volume.

Benefit: Organization has flexibility with providing no-cost meal plans to clients in a variety of forms.


Apply for free or reduced-cost pricing

Great for: Nonprofit organizations with limited budgets or no budget.

Cost: Free or reduced-cost meal plans in bulk.

*We highly recommend making this available for your clients to purchase if possible, even if you only charge $1. When people pay for a tool, they are much more likely to use it and see the benefits than if they did not invest some of their own resources.