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Mealtime De-stress Course

Understand the #1 thing you need to do to reduce stress at mealtime


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Imagine having less stress at mealtime…

Wish you had a magical thing to erase mealtime stress? We can’t promise magic, but we do have some tested strategies that make mealtime easier for so. many. families.

This course was designed for more than that though.

This course was designed for you. A parent in a pandemic world (is anyone else tired?). A parent who is busy. A parent who is not seeing eye-to-eye with another adult about mealtime and wants to get on the same page.

Imagine having a course that you and your partner and other adults WANT to finish, and WANT to discuss…

This ground-breaking mini course is for parents of a child ages 0-10 years (or really any age) who need strategies and a chuckle.

Mealtime De-stress is the best way to quickly learn ways to reduce stress at mealtime. Plus, we designed it to spark conversation between you and other adults after you both watch it!

The Kids Eat in Color team of child health and development experts + the Second City Works improv comedy team partnered to bring you great information with a dose of fun!

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The experts who developed the BetterBites courses

This Course is for You If

  • You want to know the #1 thing you can do that will relieve stress at mealtime, or
  • Your blood pressure goes up just thinking about mealtimes with your child, or
  • You are not on the same page with another adult about pressuring your child at mealtime, and you want to learn together

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If you are feeling stressed about mealtime AND you are stressed about how much your child is eating, the Mealtime De-stress and How Much Kids Need to Eat course Bundle may be a better fit for you (plus you save 15% when you bundle).

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The Learning Experience

  • Five 5-min or less episodes where you’ll meet parents that may remind you of someone you know
  • Five quick reads to understand why mealtimes are stressful and what you can do about it
  • A research brief to go deep if you want to understand some of the research behind the course

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