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Little girl refusing to eat her food


Enrollment begins in December

Picky Eating Course

​Better Bites is the online course for parents who want their picky kids to eat more foods with less stress.

" He now touches food, will TRY new foods, he has added new foods to what he will eat…

My son Banner is almost 3 and was diagnosed with level 1 autism. When we started BetterBites, he had a limited diet...his speech pathologist called it a ‘white foods diet.’ We just completed BetterBites. Before I felt so defeated, I would make him a special meal. Now we all eat the same meal...he understands what is on the table is the only option. The visual of that has helped tremendously."

- Christine

You could keep on fighting them to just take one bite.

You could keep getting up from the table to make them their own meal, wondering when you signed up to be a short order cook.

You could keep having battles over how many bites,

that leave you feeling defeated.

You could keep watching them drop more and more foods off their list,

with no idea of how to add them back on,

still hoping they will miraculously try a new food...just once.

Or, you can learn about your child and become a parent who is confident about how to feed an extremely picky child, and help your child learn to try new foods.


"Don't keep forcing 3 more bites, learn to teach them to choose their own bites"

Better Bites reviews

The BetterBites program has been a real game changer for our family.

I was going through a real tough time during meals for my 3-year-old when a friend shared this free video call about picky eating. I signed up for the program that night and the first class was so eye opening!

Learning how to do meal times instantly took the stress out of dinner. 

We definitely still have our ups and downs, but we've made so much progress over the last six months.

My daughter went from crying at the thought of all vegetables other than carrots, to adding in bell pepper sticks on the regular and picking out her own vegetables to try from the grocery store.

Amanda Albright

Mom of a 3-year-old

By the End of this Course, You'll:

  • Understand your child. Discover what causes picky eating and how to understand your child's eating behaviors
  • Serve one meal with methods for introducing new foods so that your child can learn to eat a more varied diet at their own pace and thrive
  • Scripts for talking about food to cultivate a positive long-term relationship with food
  • Learn strategies to end food battles with your child before they start.
Dont want to eat.

Extremely picky eaters don't "grow out of it," they learn out of it - and you can teach them.

- Jennifer Anderson, Founder and CEO of Kids Eat in Color

What is included in the Better Bites Course

Program Content Icon Comprehensive Lessons

28+ lessons delivered released as you complete each phase. Work at your own pace, and with the structure and support of the program to keep you moving forward. Families choose their pace from 4 weeks to 14+ weeks.

Email Support Series IconSupportive Email

To keep you moving through the program, you will receive a series of program emails that remind you what you need to do and give you pep talks when you need them. They are encouraging and supportive.

Food Play Plans IconFood Play Plans

4 weekly Food Play activities that give you a game plan for moving your child from "I'm not gonna look at it" to "Can I have a bite of that?" They are fully customizable for ages 0-10, so you can meet your child where they are.

Community IconCommunity

Get access to an understanding, experienced, and supportive community of parents via the private Facebook Group, where parents ask questions, get feedback, and share resources without judgment!

Step-by-step Workbook IconStep-by-step Workbook

After each lesson you have the opportunity to reflect, make a plan, or assess your child. You'll get step-by-step instructions for implementing the program content through templates and charts.

Permanent Access IconLifetime Access

Once you go through the course, you have permanent access to it. This means if something comes up (a'hem pandemic) or a partner needs more time, or you need to rewatch a section, you have the time you need.

When you enroll, you'll get these juicy bonuses

BetterBites booklets

Food Play Every Day: 100+ Food Activities for Children  [e-guide]

Your new best friend! An e-guide with over 100 food activities. You can find exactly what you need to implement the BetterBites strategies with your child! You can use these activities to customize your Weekly Food Play Plan. Plus, you'll use this as a reference for years to come! There are activities for ages through elementary school.

BetterBridges: The Ultimate Guide to Food Lists for Food Chains [e-guide]

Bridging is a key part of this program, and likely the key to getting extremely picky eaters to start to branch out and try new foods. This guide includes extensive lists by organized by sensory qualities that will help you find the right foods to put into your food chain and will take a lot of the mental effort off your shoulders.

The BetterBites Plate: 100 Deconstructable Meals for Families [e-Book]

Get meal ideas and recipes that take away some meal planning burden, you'll get:

  • Plus, Nutrition Reference Sheets - basic nutrition guidance for what to do when your child has diarrhea, vomiting, fever, anemia, constipation, or needs to gain weight.
Jennifer Anderson

6 years ago I stood in a small exam room as my son's pediatrician told me that my son wasn't gaining weight as expected. I was a registered dietitian, but at that moment, my professional focus changed to helping kids eat what they need to thrive. It was good I did too, because my second little guy was selective and prone to picky eating.

Now both my kids are thriving and eating a variety of foods (most days, at least). Most people assume my kids have always been "good eaters" but I know how hard I have worked for this.

It's true, I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and have a masters of science in public health. But what makes me different is that I live BetterBites every day. I know what works. That makes me your biggest asset and biggest cheerleader!

I know feeding kids is tricky. I show you how you can let go of meal time stress, and get your child eating new foods at their own pace.

The Answer To Your Questions

What ages is BetterBites for?

The course is designed for children ages 0-10.

Parenting principles that are taught can be applied from weaning through older ages. Specifics about weaning - such as Baby Led Weaning or Puree-feeding - are not discussed in depth.

I don’t live in the US, can I still take the course?

Yes, the lessons and course material can be accessed online from wherever you live at any time.

How much is the course? 

The course is $127. We also provide the option to purchase it in two payments of $65.

My child has autism. Is this program for me?

We have had families with children with autism find success in the program. Here is a note from a family with ASD level 1:


"When we started the program our son had a very limited number of foods he would eat. Since completing the BetterBites program, he now touches food, will TRY new foods, and he has eaten a new food. I am hopeful that we can add new foods to his list."

How much time does the course require?

This is a self-paced course, so you can take it as it fits your schedule. We recommend 30 minutes a week for 10 weeks to watch lessons.

We also recommend daily food play activities that can be incorporated into normal activities you would be doing with your child. This can take 15-ish minutes per day.

If you feel like you are extremely busy to your max and cannot add a single new thing to your plate right now, it's probably best to wait for another session. In order to change picky eating, you will need some time/energy to work on it.

This program is focused on doing things to bring change at home, so make sure you're in a place where you are ready to do things. 

My child has ARFID. Is this program for me?

We have had families in the program with kids who have ARFID.

BetterBites does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. If your child is losing weight rapidly due to ARFID, you will need to work with a medical provider to stabilize your child.

BetterBites also does not provide individualized mental health therapy for eating disorders such as ARFID.

That said, everything in the program is compatible with ARFID therapy and can provide you with information on supporting your child at home, what foods to serve at meals, how to introduce them to new foods, reduce their fear and anxiety, and more. It is an excellent complement to ARFID therapy.

Does BetterBites replace feeding therapy?

Many families in BetterBites did not have much success with feeding therapy because they did not know what to do at home to help their child move forward.

Some families in BetterBites have done both BetterBites (to get a handle on their parenting and their home environment) and food therapy (because their child needed one-on-one physical interaction with a therapist).

BetterBites will not teach your child how to chew/swallow, will not make individualized recommendations, and will not address muscular issues related to eating.

Here's What BetterBites Grads Are Saying

[My favorite BetterBites success was] my boy eating broccoli like candy and going crazy in the store wanting to buy broccoli - I love it!

Most of all I am really happy that I joined this program because now I see how my husband and I were headed in a wrong direction (pressure to eat, comments on eating, etc.) and I feel like we stopped just in time to make our kids happy eaters.

Better Bites Review Karina

- Karina

“My child would not eat fruit before the program and now he is eating it thanks to the BetterBites exposure and no pressure eating methods.”

Better Bites Review Chelsea

- Chelsea

"We have been struggling with our 3-year-old and his intense picky eating for a long time.

Meal time was stressful, and it was hard to find foods that he would eat. He had his huge tonsils and adenoids removed six months ago, and I suspected that they had been contributing to his picky eating, but after starting the BetterBites program, I was relieved to understand more about why his behavior with mealtime was what it was.

​The BetterBites program has removed the stress from mealtime. The BetterBites approach to eating is one that all families should use, whether there is a selective eater or not! " 

Better Bites Review Leah


I think just knowing I am doing a good job, and that there is no pressure in forcing my son to eat, are my favorite successes, even more than the fact that my son ate broccoli once (out of all the exposures haha).

Better Bites Review: Kathleen

- Kathleen

"Since starting the program, my son, who had fallen down on the growth height chart, has been sitting longer for meals, eating more food, and trying a larger variety of foods.

As a mom of two picky eaters I can't recommend enough the BetterBites program.  I gained many tools that are helping me gain back my sanity and slowly but surely help my boys eat a better variety of foods.  Meal time stress has significantly decreased thanks to Jennifer's systems for deciding who is control of what.  I feel a lot less pressure about what and when to serve my kids.  I have a plan I can implement."

Better Bites Review Kate

- Kate

I've started bringing him other places without a packed lunch/dinner and he has been able to find something on the menus.

I have had many small successes, and I've been so grateful for this program. For example, my son would rarely eat anywhere outside of the house except for McDonalds which has been a nightmare for me.

We've been working from nuggets to chicken breasts and he's so close, and eating a variety of chicken strips. It's going so well. He's trying more foods and he's eating more at mealtimes. This has changed our lives!

Better Bites Review Tara


[My favorite BetterBites success was] my boy eating broccoli like candy and going crazy in the store wanting to buy broccoli - I love it!

Most of all I am really happy that I joined this program because now I see how my husband and I were headed in a wrong direction (pressure to eat, comments on eating, etc.) and I feel like we stopped just in time to make our kids happy eaters.

Better Bites Review Karina

- Karina