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Helping you get kids to eat veggies and try foods.


Hi! I’m Jennifer

My goal is to help you teach your kids to eat veggies and try foods without a battle!

Helping kids learn to like veggies can be simple and stress-free. I can’t wait to show you how!

Help your picky eater learn to try new foods

Latest Articles

2 year old picky eater picking her food, making faces

Have a two-year-old a picky eater? It may not be your fault!

Inside: Having a two-year-old picky eater is not easy and you may be feeling guilty. In this article you’ll learn about food neophobia in two-year-olds, who are often picky, and what to do about it. You can let go of any guilt you’ve been feeling and leave with a plan. The first time I gave […]

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Family eating meal at table feeding toddlers

The 1 Thing You Need To Know When Feeding Toddlers

Inside: Feeding Toddlers can seem complicated, so this article will simplify everything into just 1 secret that you need to know. It will decrease food battles, help your toddler eat healthy, and reduce your stress. “My child was such a great eater. He used to eat absolutely everything – any vegetable, fruit, dinner, breakfast. You […]

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Picture of a toddler eating dinner - what to feed a picky toddler

Wondering How To Feed Your Picky Toddler? Here’s The Answer

Inside: What to feed a picky toddler can be a stressful decision. This guide will help you feed your picky toddler better and take a load off your mind. “My picky daughter won’t eat anything,” she explained tearfully, “I feel like I’ve failed her. I don’t know what to feed my picky toddler!” When we […]

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