Helping you get your child to eat veggies and try foods battle-free!

The Affordable Flavors Meal Plan

This kid-friendly, cost-saving meal plan makes it easier to feed your family flavor-filled meals and snacks they will love.

Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I'm a mom, wife, and registered dietitian.

When I was a new mom, I learned that feeding kids is tricky. My first son stopped gaining weight as an infant and I was devastated. After all, I was a registered dietitian, how could I let this happen to my child?

I took my angst and specialized my knowledge in child feeding and picky eating. Good thing too, because I needed it for my second son as well. 

I've learned that reducing my own stress and making small tweaks to meal time can make big things happen at the table.

Whether you are feeling stressed about meal time, defeated by extreme picky eating, or just need some help with meal ideas, I’m here for you.

~ Jennifer

"After a few of on and off introducing my toddler to cauliflower, tonight he finally ate it! Along with all his chicken which was a major no-no a few weeks ago. Thank you for what you do! I feel so hopeless sometimes when my little one only wants Mac and Cheese and nuggets. You've also helped me get a lot better at healthy eating! Thank you!"

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the ideas you share. Tonight my 2 year old began her dinner grumpily refusing to eat, but by the end not only was she asking me to pit salad on her plate - she thanked me for it!! A couple of months of food exposure, no-pressure and having fun together over our meals is making a HUGE difference! Your content here is just fantastic. 

So I kind of doubted that I would just buy all the fun stuff, like sandwich and veggie cutters and mini animal forks, and magically my kid would eat everything. I thought, they are going to see right through this, but they are every single thing on their plate and then wanted to keep going! I'm a little shocked and I will be doubly so if it lasts. Thank you! Thank you form this momma heart! 

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