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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer and Family

Hi, I'm Jennifer

I’m a mom, wife, registered dietitian, and the founder of Kids Eat in Color®.

When I was a new mom, I learned that feeding kids is tricky. My first child started to fall off the growth chart as a little guy, and I realized how much effort can go into feeding a child. I took my angst and specialized in feeding children and picky eating. After months of research, I formulated an approach. I started making small, evidence-based tweaks at mealtimes hoping to end the food struggles and reduce our stress – and it worked!

Since then, I’ve been sharing my knowledge with other parents and built Kids Eat In Color and our team of experts to be the resource I wished I had when searching for ways to feed my kids. I’m professional, and also a real-life parent and I make sure that all our guides, courses and tools bring practical strategies to families.

So whether you are a parent feeling stressed about mealtime, defeated by extreme picky eating, or just need some help with meal ideas, the team and I are here for you.

Here at Kids Eat in Color, we know that small changes and a little color make big differences in children’s health.

– Jennifer

Mom of two

Founder of Kids Eat in Color

About Jennifer

Jennifer Anderson is a registered dietitian and has a masters of science in public health from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. In 2019, she founded Kids Eat in Color®, a resource that helps children and families have better nutrition and mental health. Prior to starting Kids Eat in Color® she coordinated youth nutrition programs at a food bank, performed research in inner-city food deserts, and consulted for the USDA national office SNAP-Ed program. Her academic background is in public health nutrition, cultural anthropology, and economics.