Ultimate Guide to High Chair Footrests for Kids

Inside: Wondering which highchair with a footrest will be the best option? I’ll show you what to look for when picking out a highchair for babies or toddlers “Dinner is ready, everyone come to the table” I call at 6:00pm every night. My hungry boys sit down at the table. […]

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Create Your Toddler’s Feeding Schedule In 5 Steps

Here’s the best toddler feeding schedule that you can use. I’ll show you how to customize it, how to enforce it, and why it’s so important for your child long term. Plus, you’ll get a simple toddler meal plan that’s nutrient dense and easy to make. Me: “I don’t want […]

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Real Easy Food Ideas for Busy Weeknights

What are you making for dinner today? Do you ever wish you didn’t have to think about what you feed your family anymore? What to make. What to buy. What to serve for another snack? I do. Can you imagine the relief of knowing what you’re going to feed your […]

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Everything You Need To Do If Your Toddler Is Not Eating

Inside: If you’re toddler’s not eating or you have a picky eater, you are likely feeling worried! Here you’ll find the most helpful step-by-step guide to improving your toddler’s eating and reducing stress around mealtime. “I’m so worried about my toddler – she just isn’t eating! Is picky eating a […]

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Getting Your Toddler To Eat: The 1 Most Important Thing To Do

Getting your toddler to eat can be sooooo frustrating, that’s why I’m breaking it down into the one most important thing you need to do. You may even be able to start doing this one thing today, and I’ll explain why it will be so helpful. You sit down to […]

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What to Do If Your Toddler is Refusing to Eat Anything But Milk

If your toddler is refusing to eat anything but milk, you’re probably feeling frustrated! Too much milk can make picky eating worse, so I’ll show you step-by-step how to help your child eat more foods. “I want milk!” Your toddler is screaming for milk for the 4th time today and […]

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5 Ways to Fix Your Toddler’s Eating Habits Without Doing More Harm

Inside: Your toddler’s eating habits may be frustrating you to no end. Grazing, eating around the house, picky eating, not eating enough, needing the screen- basically it’s driving you crazy. Sure, you could force healthy food down their throat, but we know pressuring kids to eat makes their health worse […]

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Disposable lunch idea with a paper sandwich bag that has sharks on it, a disposable fruit cup, a recyclable disposable fork, and a zip top bag with cut up vegetables

Complete Guide to Disposable Lunches for School and Daycare

Inside: “Disposable lunches” is the new challenge with preschools, daycares, and schools having new health and safety guidelines for the upcoming school year. If you’re worried, we’ve got you covered with disposable lunch products and lunch ideas to make your life easier. By: Alysha Fagan I’ve spent YEARS perfecting my […]

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2 year old picky eater picking her food, making faces

Have a two-year-old picky eater? It may not be your fault!

Inside: Having a two-year-old picky eater is not easy and you may be feeling guilty. In this article you’ll learn about food neophobia in two-year-olds, who are often picky, and what to do about it. You can let go of any guilt you’ve been feeling and leave with a plan. […]

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