Cute toddler eating a meal

5 Secrets for Turning Any Meal Into a Meal Your Toddler Will Eat

Inside: Looking for meals toddlers will eat? There are 5 secrets to turning the meal you just made into a meal your toddler will eat. Plus I’ll give you 10 toddler-friendly meals! You’re looking at your darling child having a full-on tantrum. Turns out, they wanted plain pasta, not pasta […]

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nutrient dense dinner of whole grain pasta, sauce, spinach and beans

3 Ways Nutrient Dense Meals Help Support a Child’s Immune Defenses

Inside: Wondering what you can do to help support your child’s immune system? The key: nutrient-dense meals with a variety of foods. You’ll learn which foods do the job here. It’s no secret: kids get sick. Sometimes it seems like they’re little magnets that attract colds, the flu, and other […]

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Child not eating food

The Most Overlooked Reason Your Child is Not Eating Food

Inside: Child not eating food? There is 1 reason that parents often overlook. It may even cause picky eating. In this post you’ll learn about this reason a child is not eating food and 5 things you can do about it. “I waaaaaaaaant caaaaandyyyyyyy!!!!” he let out an epic scream. […]

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The Ultimate Guide to End Toddler Throwing Food

Inside: How to end toddler throwing food or sippy cups? You’ll learn to make a plan for what to say, what to do, and even how to help them sit better. Smack! The sloppy watermelon smashed into our friend’s face. In a restaurant. Thanks to my toddler’s food throwing skills. […]

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Mother working from home with a baby on the desk next to her holding a soft toy

Working From Home With Kids? 12 Practical Strategies That Work

Inside: New to working from home with kids? A real life mom shows you how – with 12 practical tips that actually work, from ending snack whining to how to be productive. Do you feel like you’re drowning trying to work from home with kids? I hear you, I feel […]

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Child Suddenly Not Eating? 5 Things to Check Right Now

Learn 5 important things to check right now to learn why your child may not be eating and what you can do about them to make sure your child is getting what they need to thrive.

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Plate of Green, Yellow & Orange Vegetable sticks with peanut butter & yogurt based dip options along with frozen fruit & pomegranate seeds.

My Secret for Getting Kids to Eat Fruits & Vegetables

Okay, so it isn’t REALLY a secret. Kids like to dip things, usually in massive amounts of ketchup. So, I let my kids use ketchup sometimes. Other times I offer different fun and healthy dips that are actually nutritious too!  I also encourage my kids to investigate their food, which […]

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Hands reaching into freezer with containers of meal prepped food

5 Ways to Fill Your Freezer Without Burning Out

When my son started first grade, I was like “2 snacks plus a lunch to pack every single day?!” I mean, it wasn’t a surprise. I knew what was coming. The reality of that kind of meal packing can be overwhelming, even to a registered dietitian mom.  Add on to […]

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Lunchbox with a Sandwich, Fruits, Vegetables and a few pieces of candy

4 Fun Ways to Have a Healthy Halloween

I have magical childhood memories of making my own creative and friendly Halloween costumes and running from house to house to get pounds of candy. I love seeing my kids experience that same magic of dressing up and getting candy from neighbors too.  Now that I’m a mom, I also […]

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