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a sub sandwich with deli meat on it

Why I Don’t Buy Deli Meat & How To Decide for Yourself PART II

I talked more about why I choose to rarely buy deli meat in Part I of this post. Is it Just the Nitrates? A lot of people ask me if it’s the nitrates that cause cancer. According to the report, they do not fully understand how processed meats cause cancer […]

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11 Top Kid Utensils to Get Kids Interested in Food

I’m big on utensils in my house. Maybe you’ve seen the box of kid utensils we keep on our kitchen table. There are a lot. And of course my children must look at every single piece of silverware we own before they choose one – at every single meal. It’s […]

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plate of hydrating fruits and vegetables

The Most Important Thing to Feed Your Child When They Are Sick

I’ve lived through 2 kids in daycare. It was fun! Okay, I’m lying. They were sick all the time! And they were even in a really tiny daycare. I also grew up in a big family. Which, means, I was sick all the time as a kid too! Whether you’re […]

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oval bento with crackers, hummus, fruits and veggies in a rainbow

End Whining with this Simple Snack Hack

“Is snacking okay?” A lot of people ask me this question. Honestly, I don’t care if they are “okay.” I wouldn’t survive a day of motherhood without snacks to keep my children from killing each other! Seriously though, let’s talk about healthy snacking. Snacks are not necessary for every single […]

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person putting banana peel into garbage

But What About Food Waste?

Last night, I gave my son a hard time at dinner. But no, it wasn’t about what he was eating. It wasn’t about whether he tried everything at the table. It wasn’t about how much he ate. It wasn’t about whether he had eaten broccoli. It also wasn’t about whether […]

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girl eating a sandwich on a bench

The Eating Routine that Will End Your Food Battles

Maybe you’ve been in my shoes… I’m trying to do something. Anything to keep your child on a meal schedule. “Mommy, I’m hungry!” 8,000 times a day. My kids seem to be always hungry and never hungry for actual meals. And certainly not hungry for vegetables. What’s going on here? […]

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girl enjoying an ice cream cone

19 Tips for Managing Sugar

If your kids are anything like mine, they like sweets. I swore I wouldn’t give my first child anything with sugar. Ever. Until I had morning sickness and was eating ginger snaps when he was 14 months old. He asked for one, and in my pregnant haze, I happily gave […]

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sweeteners, ground nuts, full-fat dairy, avocado oil, butter, and coconut oil

6 Ways to Add Calories to your Child’s Food

I’ll never forget standing in the pediatrician’s office looking at the growth chart. It had a flat line on it! What? But I’m a dietitian! And my kid eats a healthy diet! The pediatrician had been on our case since my son was 6 months old. We were even pouring […]

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hummus surrounded by veggies and fruit

4 Most Filling Easy Dips to Add to Fruits and Veggies

How many times have you fed your kid a snack, just to have them ask you for food? I know, this is super annoying! Plus, it seems to happen all of the time. We feed them some animal crackers or fishy crackers and next thing you know, they are asking […]

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