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Toddler & Child Feeding Course

Learn the best ways to feed your child so they can eat better!


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Learn the fundamentals of feeding kids and help your child ages 1 to 10 eat better long term.

You’ll get best practices that you can start using at your next meal!

You’ll Learn

  • Strategies to handle dessert and sweets
  • How to manage snacks, including bedtime snacks
  • Whether to let your child eat more of their favorite food during meals
  • How much your child should be eating
  • Scripts for feeding situations

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Toddler Parents

In addition to everything else, you’ll get all of your burning questions answered about:

  • food throwing
  • sippy cups
  • booster seats
  • utensils
  • constipation
  • mealtime messes
  • preventing picky eating from getting worse
  • and more

The Learning Experience

  • 4-part video course with (5) 3-5 minute lessons each
  • Written guide for each lesson (optional to read)
  • Research brief for each part (optional to read)
  • Special toddler content

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Picky Eater Parents

This Toddler and Child Feeding Course helps with the most basic mild picky eating and preventing it from getting worse. If you already have a picky eater, the BetterBites Reversing Picky Eating Course is for you.

The experts who developed the BetterBites courses


Imagine having a course that you and your partner and other adults WANT to finish, and WANT to discuss…

The Kids Eat in Color team of child health and development experts + the Second City Works improv comedy team partnered to bring you this ground-breaking course of mealtime strategies with a dose of fun!

Laugh and learn, and enjoy mealtime!

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Course Lessons

Mealtime De-stress

Understand the #1 thing you need to do to reduce stress at mealtime.


How Much Kids Need to Eat

Get answers to your top questions about how much kids should eat.

Strategies for Better Eating

Top strategies to help your child eat better at mealtime

Meals, Snacks and Desserts

Learn all about snacks and desserts, plus how to make balanced meals for your child