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Access the BetterBites® Picky Eating Course
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Child not wanting to eat breakfast

By the End of this Course, You'll:


  • Understand your child. Discover what causes picky eating and how to understand your child’s eating behaviors
  • Serve one meal with methods for introducing new foods so that your child can learn to eat a more varied diet at their own pace and thrive
  • Scripts for talking about food to cultivate a positive long-term relationship with food
  • Learn strategies to end food battles with your child before they start.

What is included in the Better Bites Course

Comprehensive Lessons

28+ lessons delivered released as you complete each phase. Work at your own pace, and with the structure and support of the program to keep you moving forward. Families choose their pace from 4 weeks to 14+ weeks.

Food Play Plans

4 weekly Food Play activities that give you a game plan for moving your child from "I'm not gonna look at it" to "Can I have a bite of that?" They are fully customizable for ages 0-10, so you can meet your child where they are.

Step-by-step Workbook

After each lesson you have the opportunity to reflect, make a plan, or assess your child. You'll get step-by-step instructions for implementing the program content through templates and charts.

Supportive Email

To keep you moving through the program, you will receive a series of program emails that remind you what you need to do and give you pep talks when you need them. They are encouraging and supportive.


Get access to an understanding, experienced, and supportive community of parents via the private Facebook Group, where parents ask questions, get feedback, and share resources without judgment!


The lessons and course material can be accessed online from wherever you live at any time.