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pre-sale Everyday Lunches


Complete ebook coming soon!

PRESALE: Get 15% off this new ebook before it’s out using code LUNCH at checkout. Plus If you get it now, you’ll get the front part of the new book immediately, which helps you know what to put in lunches, time savers, how to think about nutrition, and a guide to helping kids learn to make their own lunches. Then you’ll get updates with ideas and recipes as they are ready over the next few months! You’ll be getting new inspiration as you need it! ⁠

What the ebook will include once its released:

Over 120 ideas and recipes, Everyday Lunches helps makes lunchtime and feeding your child easier.

You’ll find quick lunches, inspiration, and kid-approved make-ahead recipes. Plus, this ebook also includes time saving tips, and a Montessori-friendly guide to teaching your child to make and pack their own lunches.


Format: digital download*

*Due to the nature of digital products, refunds are not available for ebooks.

About Everyday Lunches

We know what it’s like to stare at an empty lunchbox and try to think of what to put in it. We know how much mental energy feeding kids takes (all day, every day). We also know how many things you’re juggling and how little extra time you have for making lunches!

“Everyday Lunches” makes preparing lunches easier! All the lunches in this ebook are designed to be balanced to help your child stay full longer  and play throughout the day.

So whether you are staying up late or waking up early to pack lunches, I hope this book helps you all year long. 

Make easy, balanced lunches easy with:
  • Quick lunches
  • The Grabables guide to grab-and-go lunches
  • Dozens of inspirations for classics like sandwiches and wraps 
  • Ideas for including fruits and veggies in lunches
  • Make-ahead recipes from muffins to nuggets to veggie fruit roll-ups

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book designed for picky eaters?

This ebook is designed to appeal to all kids. It also has some tips for serving snacks to picky eaters.

It is not designed for extreme picky eaters. If you have an extreme picky eater and need support to help them learn to try new foods, the BetterBites program will support you in your goals.

Is there a printed version of this ebook?

Not at this time. This is a digital book that can be accessed on all your digital devices (hello iphone and tablet!). Some parents choose to get our ebooks printed – that is great and handy! This can be done at your local supply store or online via Staples and FedEx.