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“How To Talk” Series (Printables)


The “How to Talk” series aims to help parents and caregivers help their kids understand that different fruits and vegetables do different things in their bodies.

This 6 digital download file package includes how to talk about red, purple, green, yellow, orange foods and a how to talk about fruits and vegetables with kids.

Please choose the single-use license if you plan to only print it once. Please choose the group-use license if you plan to print out many copies, such as for schools and healthcare offices.

About the "How to Talk" Series

When I used to go to my kids’ preschool to be a “fruit and vegetable expert,” I’d bring a basket of produce and talk about the rainbow. 🌈 Preschoolers “get” colors. They love talking about colors and naming different foods. I talk about how each color is for a different part of the body. It’s a simplification, and it helps them understand that all the colors are important. As they get older, they use more and more specific information about fruits and vegetables.

❀️ Red: gives you a strong heart
🧑 Orange: helps you see in the dark
πŸ’› Yellow: helps your body heal cuts
πŸ’š Green: gives you super powers to fight off sickness
πŸ’™πŸ’œ Blue and purple: give you a strong brain
πŸ’Ÿ White: gives you energy

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there printing instructions?

Yes! Please make sure to use the Adobe PDF Reader (most computers have this, but you can also get a free copy here) when opening. Once opened on Adobe PDF Reader, go to:

  • Click on ADVANCE
  • Select “PRINT AS IMAGE”
  • Print!