Improve “healthy vs. unhealthy” education at school & home with the new Preschool Toolkit!

Parent & Teacher Preschool Toolkit


Get all the tools you need in The Kids Eat in Color Parent & Teacher Preschool Toolkit: Communication guides & lesson plans to promote healthy relationships with food. 

This toolkit helps parents and teachers speak neutrally about food with children, as well as communicate with each other through guides, email templates and references. It also includes a nutrition education unit that can be used to easily replace “healthy vs. unhealthy” nutrition education while still meeting learning standards. See details below.

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A Preschool Toolkit to Promote Children's Healthy Relationships with Food

Are you a parent who’s concerned about something at your child’s preschool that may harm their relationship with food? Or you want to know how to speak about food neutrally?

Are you a preschool teacher who wants to foster a healthy relationship with food in children?

Teachers and a dietitian wrote the Parent & Teacher Preschool Toolkit to give you what you need to make a difference.

The Parent & Teacher Preschool Toolkit includes:

  • A guide to talk neutrally about food.
  • A guide to communicate with teachers.
  • Email templates for concerns about healthy/unhealthy activities, food rules & body talk.
  • Nutrition lesson plans with examples of meeting state learning objectives.
  • Activities, worksheets, & recipes for nutrition lessons.

The Parent-Teacher Communication Guide includes:

  • A guide to talking neutrally about food with children in preschool or in home-based learning settings.
  • Communication guide to approaching a respectful conversation for change with a teacher or administrator.
  • Email templates from parents to teachers regarding concerns about “healthy vs. unhealthy” activities, food rules in the classroom, and negative body talk in the classroom.
  • Research references to share.

The Nutrition Unit Lesson Plans include:

  • Resources to help children have a positive relationship with food.
  • Nutrition education lesson plans with examples of how it can be used to meet state health-related learning objectives.
  • Activities, worksheets, children’s book recommendations, and recipes to accompany nutrition lessons.
  • Communication guide to sharing the food & nutrition ideals with student’s families.