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Quiz Result: Atypical Picky Eating

BetterBites took my picky eater (nine years old) with sensory issues from eating about ten foods to eating a variety of about 30 foods in 4 months. We have been implementing the advanced methods Jennifer shares in her program... The BetterBites program by far has been the most successful at making the new foods stick long term. We also do not have meltdowns or tears anymore at the sight of new foods. No hyperventilating at the table because he is disgusted by the food in front of him. Our meal times went from all of us dreading meals to engaging in happy family meals! I cannot express in words how life changing it has been. ~ Sara Lewis

Atypical Picky Eating

Based on your answers, we can tell that mealtime is hard and your child has a hard time eating. Your child is likely more picky and selective than what we see in most kids.

This sort of picky eating may affect your child’s nutrition options, cause additional burden on you, or make it more difficult for your family or child to participate in social activities.* Your child isn’t just being stubborn. You didn’t somehow “mess them up” by how you fed them as an infant. Your child likely has eating hurdles on the inside that most other children don’t have.

Given the degree of picky eating, your child will likely need extra support. You can keep exposing your child to foods and to follow standard best practices during mealtimes, but your child could likely benefit from more advanced techniques to be able to branch out.

We designed the BetterBites® Picky Eating Program for parents like you who would like to work on their child’s picky eating. It is the most comprehensive online program and community for picky eating. It teaches you how to reduce mealtime stress and then how to help your child try new foods when they are ready and at their own pace, using many of the same techniques used in feeding therapy.

*If you suspect your child has a nutritional, medical, developmental or any other problem, we recommend consulting with your child’s qualified healthcare provider.

BetterBites® Picky Eating Program

This comprehensive program teaches you how to reduce mealtime stress and how to help your child try new foods when they are ready and at their own pace, using many of the same techniques used in feeding therapy.

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He now touches food, will TRY new foods, he has added new foods to what he will eat… My son Banner is almost 3 and was diagnosed with level 1 autism [her words]. When we started BetterBites, he had a limited diet...his speech pathologist called it a ‘white foods diet.’ We just completed BetterBites. Before I felt so defeated, I would make him a special meal. Now we all eat the same meal...” ~ Christine

Support For More Complicated Picky Eating

“What if you could lower your mealtime stress and know your child was on the road to trying and eventually eating new foods?”

Learn strategies and advance methods to help your picky eater thrive at mealtime.

By the end of this program, you’ll:

  • Understand your child. Discover what causes picky eating and how to understand your child’s eating behaviors
  • Serve one meal with methods for introducing new foods so that your child can learn to eat a more varied diet at their own pace and thrive
  • Get scripts for talking about food to cultivate a positive long-term relationship with food
  • Learn strategies to end food struggles with your child before they start.
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Immediate Enrollment

We would like to invite you to enroll in the the BetterBites® program immediately, since we already know that you would benefit from the tools in the program.

We enroll the general public in monthly cohorts to make sure it’s a good fit for families, but you’re welcome to join now!

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“The BetterBites program has been a real game changer for our family. I was going through a real tough time during meals for my 3-year-old ... Learning how to do meal times instantly took the stress out of dinner. We definitely still have our ups and downs, but we've made so much progress over the last six months. My daughter went from crying at the thought of all vegetables other than carrots, to adding in bell pepper sticks on the regular and picking out her own vegetables to try from the grocery store. ~ Amanda

What the Program Includes

This program give you the tools that you need to efficiently help your child at home. It keeps in mind that you are busy and may only have a few minutes a day. It’s also the only program that includes thriving online community so you know you’re not alone. Program tools include:

  • Online self-paced video lessons, most available as MP4s and PDFs
  • Thriving moderated online community
  • Food activity plans
  • Step-by-step workbook
  • Supportive email series
  • Permanent access

The program also comes with bonuses to help you personalize the program for your child and that it will grow with your child as they grow.

  • Play with Your Food: 101 Food Activities for Children
  • Resources to customize advanced techniques
  • The BetterBites Plate: 100 Deconstructable Meals for Families
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