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Affordable Flavors Ebook

About Kids Eat in Color® Affordable Flavors

The cost-saving meal plan that makes it easier to feed your family flavor-filled meals and snacks they will love.

What’s included
  • Plan to feed your family for under $550 a month
  • Tasty recipes created by diverse nutrition experts
  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for 30 days
  • Weekly shopping lists
  • BONUS:  Learn money-saving tips, ideas for using WIC foods, and how to find food assistance that works for your family
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" My mindset is shifting from scarcity to abundance. "

Jennifer Anderson, Founder of Kids Eat in Color

About Kids Eat in Color

Founded by a pediatric dietitian, Kids Eat in Color is a team of experts that helps parents end food battles and teach their kids to try new foods.

At every level, we  strives to make feeding picky eaters easier, less stressful and more affordable for families of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.