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10 ways Kids Eat in Color May Have Changed Your Life

You are currently viewing 10 ways Kids Eat in Color May Have Changed Your Life

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Kids Eat in Color is turning 2 and I’m sharing my 10 favorite Kids Eat in Color materials from the past 2 years below! 

When I stood in my first baby’s pediatrician’s office 7 years ago and learned he wasn’t gaining weight, my heart sank through the floor. I learned, I specialized, I felt the angst and aloneness…and still feel it. I didn’t win the “easy-to-feed kid” lottery with either of my kids.

That angst has powered Kids Eat in Color. We’re now millions strong in our very real, tricky, messy paths to keeping our kids fed. 

In the past two unpredictable and chaotic years, we’ve worked hard to put good out into the world and help parents everywhere. Here are 10 things that we’re proud of for the ways they’ve helped parents:

1. The Survival Guide for Overwhelmed Parents

This article has given life to overwhelmed, burnt out and depressed parents – who still have to feed their children. It could only have been written by someone who has gone through it, and it will help you get by if you’re struggling. 

2. Affordable Flavors: Diverse Family Meals for Under $500 a Month

We know it’s been a rough 2 years for most families, and we wanted to help alleviate some stress around food budgets. Affordable Flavors is the most complicated project I’ve ever worked on, and I’m so proud of the finished product. We’ve provided it free to thousands of families and have millions of more donations in the works.

3. The Ultimate Guide to End Food Throwing

Food throwing is one of the most commonly asked questions. And here is the answer!

4. Our Free Picky Eater Guide

The 2020 update to the Kids Eat in Color picky eater guide is good. And it’s free! Tell your friends. 😊 

5. 10 Things You Need to Know About Toxic Heavy Metals in Baby Food

In a world of fear-mongering, let’s look at the facts and move forward with a plan. That’s this article in a nutshell.

6. Real Easy Weekdays 

My own husband picked up this meal plan after I had a particularly tearful quarantine breakdown. Having not ever meal planned for our family before, he used it to meal plan, shop and cook for our family with no help from me. If it never helps another person, I will be grateful for it helping our family during a tough time.

7. Answering questions about my weight

Here’s something I never thought I’d talk about on Instagram. But it turns out people had questions about my weight. And I had unexpected answers.

8. Child Nutrition Fellowship

We started the worlds first paid child nutrition fellowship program to help increase racial diversity in the field of dietetics. We have two fellows working their way through school to become registered dietitians, and we’re proud to support these hardworking students. 

9. 16 Surprisingly Honest Lunchbox Reviews

Why “surprising”? Because they’re a little bit more honest than most articles… 

10. Learning to talk to kids about food in a kind and loving way

This post has changed the way millions and millions of parents (and others!) think and talk about food with their kids. 

How has Kids Eat in Color helped you in the past 2 years? Share with us in the comments!


Jennifer Anderson, MSPH, RDN

Founder, Kids Eat in Color®

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson is a registered dietitian with a masters of science in public health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is the founder and CEO of Kids Eat In Color - the world’s leading resource for helping get kids on the path to eating better without the mealtime battles.

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