Real Easy Food Ideas for Busy Weeknights

Real Easy Food Ideas for Busy Weeknights

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What are you making for dinner today?

Do you ever wish you didn’t have to think about what you feed your family anymore? What to make. What to buy. What to serve for another snack? I do.

Can you imagine the relief of knowing what you’re going to feed your family every day? For 3 meals and 2 snacks. No more staring blankly into the refrigerator. No more feeling guilty that you’re not feeding them well. No more feeling like your brain will explode trying to make a menu.

Get ready for an amazing brain break.

I made a simple meal plan of quick meal ideas for us

This is Real Easy Weekdays, a simple system to help us get healthy meals on the table

Here’s a new system for taking the brainwork out of planning and making meals. Sure, I could be constantly searching online for quick meal ideas and new recipes.

As a registered dietitian though, I was looking for something

to get meals on the table fast
to NOT have to think about meals and snacks 24/7
to provide repetition so that I could get faster and my kids could get food exposures

I had a full-time “day job” and a full-time “on the side” Kids Eat in Color job. My husband was working full time and then I realized I would need to send my son to a new school with 2 snacks and a lunch every day.

I couldn’t find a meal solution that took the actual brainwork out of feeding my family, so I made Real Easy Weekdays, a meal plan of easy meals and snacks that work together to feed us easier.

“Thank you SO MUCH for saving my sanity with Real Easy Weekdays! I feel like it has turned an insurmountable task (of providing varied, INTERESTING daily snacks and meals) into little manageable steps!”

– Lisa

What is Real Easy Weekdays?

Real Easy Weekdays is a meal plan ebook for easy weekday breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners. It’s meant for you to use over and over so that you get FAST at cooking and your kid gets more comfortable with a variety of food.

It’s for busy families with kids (but I have plenty of couples with no kids or singles enjoying it too). I provide suggestions for modifying foods or leaving out some foods to make them safe for toddlers. Kids need to be over age 1 and eating solid foods for this menu to work (I provide lots of tips for modifying or leaving out choking hazards).

The snacks provided are balanced and designed to keep kids full until the next meal or snack. That way you can say goodbye to endless requests for snacks.

It’s a flexible system too – so if you want to sub out your family favorites, or use seasonal fruits and veggies, you can! The meals are mostly homemade, but with some convenience foods added in.

Vegetarian options are provided for everything.

Plus, if you’re a family managing allergies, it comes with a comprehensive allergy supplement that is free from “Top 8” allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy), sesame, dairy, and gluten.

What’s inside this eBook?

You get a plan for feeding your family 60 meals and snacks that can be used on repeat. Repetition helps your family learn to like new foods over time and helps you get fast at making meals.

Real Easy Weekdays has a clear plan and is 125 pages of helping you not think about what to feed your family for any meal of the day.

It comes with ingredient lists for the days of food, a shopping list template, gear recommendations, and even a few reminders to feed yourself!

Families all over the world are using it from the United States to Australia, UK, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, some parts of Latin America and South America. I’ve also been told it requires just a few modifications to become Kosher and Halal. People in Asia or South Asia find that it takes major modifications.

Measurements are provided in metric as well as English units.

“I teared up cause this is exactly what I was looking for. I went to the super market feeling confident and to my own huge surprise my daughter has eaten both meals that I have tried out (Cauliflower oats and lentil pasta).”

– M.R.

How Can These Quick Food Ideas Help Your Child Eat Better?

This system can help decrease picky eating, stress, and time spent cooking!



Doing things over and over. Sound boring, but when you repeat things, kids get used to them and you get fast at making them.

Most small kids, especially selective or “picky” kids, don’t like “new” food. They like foods they are familiar with.

The solution to all of these problems is to serve food often enough that kids start to see the meals as familiar. The more they see it, the more they are likely to eat it. If they never see it, you can be sure they will never eat it!

This system helps you remember to repeat foods. As you do it week after week, the “new” foods start to become “normal” foods. They are less scary to picky eaters and you get faster at making them.

“My husband and I have such a hard time figuring out meals for our family of 5 and this made me tear up (at work) at the idea that things could be better!!”

– K.H.

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