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Quiz Result The “Tricky Portions” Problem

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The "Tricky Portions Problem"

Based on your answers, we can tell that mealtime is hard even if your child is likely not an extreme picky eater.

You and your child are experiencing a common struggle that families face we call the “Tricky Portions Problem”. You may be stressed about your child eating too much or not enough. You may be trying to fix the problem through pressuring your child to finish a certain amount of food or “cutting them off” if they are eating too much. It makes sense that you’re trying these strategies! Sometimes they can make the problem worse, though.

Our Toddler and Child Feeding Course for ages 1 to 10 specifically helps parents feel less stressed about how much their child is eating. It will help you learn evidence-based strategies to help your child eat a good amount of food for their body and have a good relationship with food.

Toddler & Child Feeding Course

This one-of-a-kind comedy-based child feeding course. Moms AND dads (and all caregivers) can get onboard with this course! Learn how to help your child eat better with less stress through the stories of families also on the struggle bus.

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Feeding Fundamentals

This is a self-paced online course designed to help parents feel confident in feeding their child, help their child have a good relationship with food, and reduce mealtime stress. It includes:

  • Video lessons with strategies for handling dessert and sweets
  • Video lessons teaching how to manage snacks, including bedtime snacks
  • Video lessons teaching how to reduce picky eating and help your child have a good relationship with food
  • Video lessons about how much your child should be eating, including how much to let them eat during meals
  • Video lessons on the basics of nutrition for children
  • Toddler-specific guide that covers issues like food throwing, sippy cups, utensils, constipation, and messes.
  • Articles to give to a skeptical caregiver that summarize research about not pressuring children
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