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Small Urban Farm Making A Big Impact

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Kids Eat in Color has donated to Raleigh City Farm, an organization nominated by Caitlin, a member of our Kids Eat in Color Community.

White food gives you energy!” Caitlin started as she shared a time working with Raleigh City Farm, where they were teaching kids about what foods do in their bodies. “We had set up a rainbow salad station for the kids. Before we gave the talk kids were talking under their breath about the salad, afterwards they were eating multiple helpings! It was such a joy to see the impact we had!Raleigh City Farm, which recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary, is more than a farm. It is a community hub supporting the growth of healthy, hyper-local produce while educating the community through tours, workshops and partnerships and sharing its produce with local nonprofits that address food insecurity and access. Read on to learn more about this special organization in Raleigh, from Caitlin. 

What made you want to get  involved with this organization?

I wanted to find a way to support access to healthy foods as well as promote regenerative farming. Raleigh City Farm does both.

How have you seen the impact of this work in your community? 

Raleigh City Farm has helped to create and promote several different programs such as our Farm to Table Camp where we partner with the local Salvation Army to teach kids about making food choices.

As of April 2020, we’ve shared 1,900+ lbs. of produce directly from the farm with our nonprofit partners!

Raleigh City Farm truly helps the community get more connected to their food and where it comes from.

What would you like more people to know about this work? 

You don’t have to eat fancy organic food in order to eat healthy. Teaching kids where their food comes from (via a tour on the farm) can have such a lasting impact.

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