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  1. New parents, subscribe to our infant feeding newsletter for monthly advice on feeding your baby and guilt-free methods for introducing solid foods. If you are in the process of starting solids, get our Easy Weaning Guide.
  2. Concerned about a picky eater? Use our screener to find out if your child’s picky eating is typical or not and access the right support.
  3. We know feeding kids takes a lot of brainwork. That is why we created the Real Easy Mealtime Bundle. The Real Easy Mealtime bundle includes a complete meal system for busy families, plus recipes and ideas for balanced snacks and lunches for your child for years to come. (single ebooks are also available)Real Mealtime Bundle Cover
  4. Want to swap the “healthy vs. unhealthy” nutrition education at your preschool for something better? Check out our Parent and Teacher Preschool Toolkit for guidance.
  5. Help kids learn about fruits, vegetables and their health in a way that protects their relationship with food and their body! Our How To Talk About Fruits and Veggies” poster is great for healthcare offices, daycares, schools, homes and to talk poster
  6. Food is expensive. If you are looking for ways to save on food and help make ends meet, find Food Assistance resources here.


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