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The Pantry Feeding the Indy Community One Fridge At a Time

You are currently viewing The Pantry Feeding the Indy Community One Fridge At a Time

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Kids Eat in Color has donated to Indy Community Pantry, an organization nominated by Deandrea, a member of our Kids Eat in Color Community.

The vision was to help those not only homeless, but those that needed a little help. There’s way too many people hungry and for me, it’s a blessing to help prevent that, I will continue to do that,” shares Deandrea on the Indy Community Pantry instagram. Each week, she shares which fridge is stocked and which ones need supplies. Hear more from Deandrea. 

Indy Community Pantry Fridge

Tell us more about Indy Community Pantry? 

My goal with creating Indy Community Pantry is to place fridges in food deserts not just for the homeless but for people who are just having a bad week. If your check is short and need a little help, there is food for you. Many times, I find people sleeping by the fridges waiting for them to be stocked.  I know our pantry helps immensely.

We now have 6 nonperishable locations and 5 fridge locations.

The Indy Community Pantry motto: “take what you want , leave what you can.”

Deandrea shopping to stock pantry

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