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Gift Guide for Picky Eaters and Toddlers

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The ultimate gift list to promote happy eaters

If you have a picky child, you are excitedly encouraging them to enjoy all the foods, all the time. With the holidays approaching, you’re probably wondering if there are any gifts for picky eaters and toddlers that can help them on their path to trying new foods. Good news, there are! And we’ve rounded up the best gifts, so you don’t have to!

Gifts are fun, of course! They can be playful and educational. And they can present great pressure-free opportunities to make your little one more comfortable with new foods. 

From books to kitchen tools, here are our top picks for gifts to promote happy eaters all year long. 

Around the Kitchen

Kids love to be helpful. Allowing kids and toddlers to help with food prep or empowering them to get involved with cooking and baking can get them interested in trying new foods. (Of course, anything in the kitchen should be parent supervised!) 

For toddlers

Colorful mixing bowls


Learning Tower for one kid
Learning towers allow kids to help more easily in the kitchen, but they are pricey. They might be a good gift for family members to chip in on!

Learning Tower for two kids

For big kids

Cake pop maker

Kids-friendly knives

Crinkle cutter

Baketivity: granola baking kit

Gardening kit

Yummy Crate by Kiwi Crate


Try new foods, it might be good,” says Daniel Tiger. Beyond telling a story, books introduce words, objects and helpful mantras to our kids. Here are a few of our favorite books that talk about trying new foods. 

Books we love

For toddlers

Daniel Tiger Tried New Foods

Eating the Alphabet

Soup Day

Bears Want More

For big kids

Every Night is Pizza Night

Dragons Love Tacos

Cocoa to Chocolate

Blueberries for Sal

The Boy Who Loved Broccoli

Puzzles, Stickers and Other Fun Things 

Experiencing food with all of our senses is important, especially for picky eaters. Fun games and puzzles can inspire kids to learn something new about a food or experience it in a different way. This will have lasting affects on kids and picky eaters.

For toddlers

Learning resources “Farmer Market” Color Sorting Set

Melissa and Doug “Make a Meal” Stickers

Vegetable puzzles

Vegetable picture
Photos of vegetables are a great way to engage and inspire curiosity. Hang these near your dinner table and invite your child to name them, ask questions about them or help find them at the store.

For big kids

Skillmatics card game

Jelly Bean tasting challenge

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